Treating Postpartum Depression With Lavender Essential

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "lavender oil"Postpartum depression or post natal depression is a common issue. It affects between 5-25% women and 1-20% fathers. In both cases, the symptoms are the same as actual depression has and it must be treated! The causes of this issue are versatile, but they include genetic disorder, mental issues, changed brain processes and etc.

Baby blues

Baby blues isn’t post natal depression, but it has similar symptoms. It occurs 3 days after the birth of a child and it also affects mothers and fathers (usually mothers are affected). It happens in 85% of cases. Keep in mind that this isn’t a condition that requires treatment and it will disappear after 3-4 days.

Before determining your problem, make sure you wait at least 2-3 days, just to make sure you are not affected by the baby blues. It is perfectly normal and it isn’t dangerous neither to the parents nor to baby.

Power of the lavender essential oil

The link here is just one example of many benefits lavender oil has to offer. In reality, there are plenty more and new ones are discovered on a regular basis. Beside all of them, doctors and scientists recommend that lavender essential oil can be used in treating post natal depression. Important: This essential oil cannot be ingested, because it can cause vomiting and diarrhea. Use it only externally.

Lavender essential oil is commonly used thanks to anti-depressant benefits. Due to the fact, new mothers cannot take anti-depressants, nor they, can allow for themselves to be depressed at this part of their life, this natural way is one of the best you can get. There won’t be any side effects to mother, father nor to a child and it can even be used for a longer period of time.

How to use it

Some women believe that in order to use essential oils, you need a high amount of it. In reality, all you need are a few drops. Lavender oil can be used in a bath, and it is the best way for new mothers who suffer from post natal depression.

The process is very simple. Prepare your ordinary bath and add 4 drops of lavender essential oil. You can mix the water just to get an even better result. Enjoy a long bath and try to relax. Listening to a soft music is highly recommended. Now, we have come to the frequency of the process. Repeat it 3-4 times per week.

The truth about lavender oil

As a mother or a father, you cannot allow for yourself to be depressed. Because there are no other, effective and safe treatments in your case, lavender oil is the best one. It acts perfectly natural and it has a positive effect on your mind and body, relaxing your nervous system, gives you energy and creates a pleasant layer around your skin.

During the last 4 years, new mothers who use lavender oil to treat post natal depression have been increased 5 times.