Use Of Castor Oil In Stomach Treatment

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "castor fruit"Castor oil is one of the most used oils for the treatment of various problems and this oil is also used for the enhancement of appearance of body. However, this essential oil is mostly and widely used for the treatment of constipation. Medical practitioners of ancient time discovered the laxative property of castor oil which made this essential oil very popular for the treatment of constipation. Since, the ancient time, this essential oil is used for the treatment of intestinal problems and constipation problems.

Castor oil is obtained when the seeds of castor oil are pressed, this oil is also known as vegetable oil. Castor oil laxative property serves as a natural treatment of constipation and other diseases. In the research and studies it is found that laxative property in this essential oil is because of its acid named ricinoleic acid.

Use of castor oil for stomach cleaning

This essential oil is considered as magical oil in the treatment of the stomach ailments. Here are some ingredients in which you can mix castor oil in order to treat someone or yourself from constipation or from other stomach related issues.

  • Castor oil plus water – this is one of the most easiest and the most used methods against the constipation which you can use in order to treat you. You only need one table spoon of castor oil and mix it well in the half glass of hot water and drink it twice a week. You need to drink this solution empty stomach in order to get the best results. This will not only control your constipation but it will also improve your stomach bloating and acidity.
  • Castor oil plus milk – when you make this solution, it proves to be a very magical ayurvedic solution which can help you in the bowl movements. In order to make this solution, you only need to take one table spoon of castor oil and half glass of cold milk and mix the oil in the milk well. Drink this solution empty stomach and drink it only one time in a week. This solution can help you in stomach cleaning as well as in the intoxication process.
  • Castor oil plus orange juice – this solution is considered as a miraculous solution for the stomach cleaning and in constipation as well as it is also able to increase a bowl movement. The making of this syrup needs milk, orange juice, water and castor oil. At first, you need to take the milk (half glass) and orange juice (half glass). Mix orange juice and milk in one glass and after 20 minutes mix the solution of hot water and castor oil in the solution of orange juice and milk.
  • Castor oil plus ginger – ginger is used in many home remedies and is very useful in treatment of cold, cough and other health problems. When ginger is mixed with castor oil it makes a solution which is more effective and proves to be very efficient in the treatment of constipation.